The Kanabo is a semi mythical war club of ancient Japan. It was the Special Weapon of the Samurai. The Kanabo in the show, which weighed 35 pounds, was used against the Viking's shield. While it managed to damage the shield, the Kanabo recieved just as much damage, with many of the studs falling out. The kanabo was measured at 470 psi, and it was theorized that an arm behind the shield would suffer at least one broken bone. Historically, the Kanabo was hardly ever used in actual battle, as it was too unwieldy compared to other weapons in Japan. Also, when it was used it weighed about 10 - 35 pounds but was used by Samurai on occasions. But in truth, the Kanabo was mostly found in myth, wielded by Oni demons. The Kanabo is strong enough to bend or break other weapons, like a Katana.